Secondary Schools in Timmins, Temiskaming Shores and the Nearby Areas

At The Conseil scolaire catholique de district des Grandes Rivières (CSCDGR), we strive to make French Catholic education and values accessible to our students. We welcome registrations at our eight secondary schools in Temiskaming Shores, Timmins and other nearby locations. We've moulded our curriculum around recognizing and valuing the unique requirements of every child through initiatives such as cooperative education and emphasizing the transition from elementary to secondary education. 

Entering secondary school is an elemental phase in your child's education. We have dedicated teams at all our schools to ensure they find a place in our carefully-crafted curricular and extracurricular programs. 
Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about our secondary schools in Timmins, Temislaming Shores and nearby areas. We organize visits in January and February, but you can personalize them per your requirements.


Useful Links

We understand enrolling your child into secondary school can be a daunting process. Our team is always available to help you and your child transition to this new phase in their life. The following are some useful links:

Would you like to find out more about whether our secondary schools in Cochrane, Timmins, Temiskaming Shores and surrounding areas are suitable for your child? We would love to have a chat with you. We invite you to view our latest news section to get an insight into our work. 

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Our secondary schools are spread across several locations, and we have offices in Timmins, New Liskeard, Kapuskasing and Hearst. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries.

Valuing Individuality in Education in Timmins, Temiskaming Shores and the Surrounding Areas

Our secondary schools in Timmins and the surrounding areas will arm your child with the tools they need to discover themselves.