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Junior kindergarten registration


10. The impressive results of its students on provincial tests.

9.  Its many daycare services available throughout the province.

8. Its full-time junior and senior kindergarten offered since 1998, for children starting at age 4.  

7. Close to 500 of the most modern, accessible educational facilities in all regions of the province.

6. Its nine bilingual universities and the many campuses of two colleges across the province.

5. Academic Achievement through faith based learning is measured by not only life long learning, but also through self realization (character building).

4.  A choice of innovative programs to meet the needs and individual interests of its clients.

3. The rich and dynamic cultural milieu. A certain “Je ne sais quoi!

2.  Its wide variety of programs and services offered to students and their parents to maximize their success.

1.  Because it is the system that offers the highest level of bilingualism based on a study by Statistics Canada

 Registrations are welcome at any time!


Junior kindergarten registration is available at any time. Please contact the French catholic school in your neighborhood or call 800-465-9984


Choosing French catholic education opens up a world of possibilities!

French-language catholic education in Ontario is a complete network of Catholic schools, colleges and universities offering a continuum of programs and services, of exceptional quality, in French, from early childhood through adulthood.

Choosing French-language catholic education in Ontario offers the following benefits:

Contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to meeting with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having my child enrolled in a French language school?

By enrolling your child in a French language school you are:

a) passing on the Francophone heritage, which is a wonderful gift to give to your child: 2 languages and 2 cultures.

b) enabling your child to develop his or her Canadian identity. He or she will identify with both official languages of Canada.

c) helping your child to become fully bilingual and gain the advantages of bilingualism.

2. What are some of the challenges that my child may have being enrolled in a French language school in a minority area?

Your child might need to develop a sense of belonging to the French language school. This is the reason why the French language schools aim to put in place steps to welcome and support non – francophone parents. It is important for everyone to develop their sense of belonging, including you the parent, and of course your child.

Please contact the Communications director at 705-267-1421 or your
neighborhood French Catholic School.

École catholique Louis-Rhéaume
600 Pine St North

Timmins, ON
Principal : Line Perron Gervais



École catholique St-Dominique
855 Park Ave

Timmins, ON
Principal : René Gaudreau


École catholique St-Gérard
59 Sterling Ave

Timmins, ON
Principal : Nancy Verreault 



École catholique Don Bosco
400 Lonergan Blv.

Timmins, ON
Principal : Ginette Perron


École catholique St-Jude
225 Dixon St

Porcupine, ON
Principal : Alain Bélanger


École catholique Jacques Cartier
377 Maple St North

Timmins, ON
Principal : Sylvie Léveillé


École catholique Nouveau Regard
Pavillon St-Joseph
399, Eighth St
Cochrane, ON
Principal : Jonathan Blier


École catholique Sts-Martyrs-Canadiens
425, Teefy St
Iroquois Falls, ON
Principal : Sonia Cockburn

École Notre Dame du Rosaire
51, Harris St
Gogama, ON
Principal : Ginette Perron


École catholique Ste-Thérèse
332, Timmins Ave
Ramore, ON
Principal : Estelle Therrien

École catholique Pavillon Notre-Dame
48, Ninth St
Hearst, ON
Principal : Mireille Morin


École catholique St-François-Xavier
189, Balmoral St
Mattice, ON
Principal : Sébastien Villeneuve

École catholique Ste-Anne
619, Allan St
Hearst, ON
Principal : Lise Poirier


École catholique André-Cary
39, Murdock
Kapuskasing, ON
Principal : Jean-Pierre Gauthier

École catholique Jacques-Cartier
8, Brunelle Rd South
Kapuskasing, ON
Principal : Nancy Girard


École catholique St-Michel
998075, route 11 Nord
Temiskaming Shores, ON
705 647-6614
Principal: Karyne Labonté

École Notre-Dame
70, Second Ave
Foleyet, ON
Principal : Line Perron Gervais


École catholique St-Jules
55, St-Aubin St
Moonbeam, ON
Principal : Hélène Bourgeois

École catholique Georges-Vanier
120, Ross St
Smooth Rock Falls, ON
Principal : Joey Tremblay


École catholique Assomption
24, Ninth Ave
Earlton, ON
Principal : Nathalie Grenier-Ducharme

École catholique Assomption
31, Churchill Drive
Kirkland Lake, ON
Principal : Julie Guertin


École catholique St-Louis
Governement Rd
Virginiatown, ON
Principal : Julie Guertin

École catholique Ste-Croix
304, Rorke Ave
Haileybury, ON
Principal : Claire Mackey